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Your plan for financial freedom through property investment in the new economic era

RULES OF PROPERTY: A New Book By Michael Yardney

“In his NEW book #1 best selling author Michael Yardney will help you achieve your financial goals faster by showing you to grow a multi-million dollar property portfolio as he shares a roadmap of proven principles and updated strategies in THE RULES OF PROPERTY.”

Fortunes will be made as Australia’s property markets move into the next cycle and the divide between the rich and the average Australian is only going to widen. Yet Australia is the land of opportunity and becoming wealth does not have to be a dream.

So how do the wealthy get rich? It’s not luck and it’s not that they had a better education or rich parents. For many it’s because they know The Rules of Property.

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New Book - What Every Property Investor needs to know about Finance Tax and the Law


1. Bonus Video program - Why many property investors will fail not matter how hard they try

2. Bonus Audio program – 10 Things to consider before buying an investment property

3. Bonus Audio program – 10 Life Lessons from Seasoned Property Investor

4. How to Get Started in Property Development

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What people are saying about Michael Yardney's RULES OF PROPERTY

A brilliant book. At last plain simple language about what to do to build a profitable property portfolio from the master himself - Michael Yardney. This book is the culmination of Michael's decades of experience and knowledge that his mentor clients pay many thousands of dollars to hear. If this is the first property investing book you have ever purchased, then its the last one you will ever need to buy. Gold from start to end!

~ Kevin Turner, Host of Real Estate Talk & 4BC Radio Presenter

I was taught to 'play by the rules' but unless the rules are clearly set out, it is every man for himself. That can be very costly when it comes to property investing. So in Michael's latest offering he sets out the rules. Plain and simple. Michael gives you a step by step guide that, if you follow, will level the playing field and lead to you winning far more than losing. Michael has been my mentor for many years and is who I turn to for advice about investing. Read the rules, understand and follow them and reap the rewards.

~ Phillip Michaels, Seasoned property Investor

About Michael Yardney

Michael Yardney is one of Australia's leading experts in wealth creation through property.

He was voted Australia's best property investment advisor, is one of the most published property authors in the country and has probably educated more successful property investors than anyone else in Australia. But he is not a theorist...

Michael Yardney is a successful property investor and property developer and, as a director of Metropole Property Strategists, his opinions as a property commentator are highly sought after and frequently quoted in the media.

In his latest book Michael helps you discover how the rich build their wealth, safeguard their assets and keep more money in their bank account by understanding the Rules of Property.

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